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What $2 Million Buys in Manhattan Beach – 2007 to Present

So what will $2 million buy in Manhattan Beach?  Over the last seven years, the answer to that question has changed dramatically.


1301 8th Street

1301 8th Street, Manhattan Beach

In 2007, the real estate bubble was just starting to deflate.  The upward surge in home prices had stalled and a new phenomenon – distressed sales – was just beginning to make an appearance on the real estate stage.

That’s when 1301 8th Street, a 4-bedroom, 4467 sf  East Manhattan Mediterranean built in 1990, hit the MLS in Manhattan Beach for $2 million.

Actually, it appeared on the MLS already sold, having gotten that price with an off-market sale.  The sellers did quite well, having purchased it in 2001 for $1.1 million (the picture is from the 2001 listing).


1712 Curtis Avenue

1712 Curtis Avenue, East Manhattan

In 2008, things were starting to get rather rocky in the local housing market.

That’s when 1712 Curtis Avenue, a brand new 5-bedroom, 4200 sf Craftsman on a 7500 sf lot that had debuted on the market in April, 2007, finally found a buyer.  Of course, the buyer didn’t materialize until September of 2008, and only after the starting price of $2,399,000 had given way to the final $2 million sale price.


562 33rd Street

562 33rd Street, Manhattan Beach

In 2010, with Manhattan Beach home prices now well off their peak, we actually saw three 5-bedroom homes close for $2 million, all in the Tree section this time.

These included (1) 515 21st Street, a lovely custom-built, 2548 sf Cape Cod in the gaslamp area, (2) 1900 Walnut, a 3150 sf shingle-style Cape Cod built by Mike Cleland on a corner lot and (3) 562 33rd Street, a 3548 sqft Craftsman built by Nick Schaar on a 5040 sqft street-to-alley lot.

For our money, we liked the Nick Schaar home the best (and, apparently, so did a subsequent owner who bid it up to $2,279,000 in an off-market sale just two years later).


598 27th Street, Manhattan Beach

598 27th Street, Manhattan Beach

In 2012, with the local housing market just starting to crawl out of the doldrums of the Great Recession, the $2 million sale price was suddenly very popular.  That year, there were five $2 million home sales in Manhattan Beach.

These included (1) 300 7th Street, a downtown duplex on a 2-unit site (that has since given way to two ‘beach plantation’ style townhomes,  (2) 427 19th Street, a custom-built (in 2004) duplex,  (3) 2800 Palm Avenue, a gigantic (4225 sf) but very tired, standard-issue pre-ZORP Mediterranean (it’s been substantially dressed up since then), (4) 598 27th Street, a 5-bedroom shingle-style home at the corner of 27th and Blanche in the Tree section, and (5) 3304 Laurel Avenue, a 5-bedroom Tree section Mediterranean built by Dennis Moloney in 2000.

We liked the Vince Devico-built 27th Street home the best, although it was a bitter pill for the sellers who, just seven years earlier, had paid $2,504,000 for this home brand new (we represented Vince, the builder, in the original ’05 sale).


So this is what it’s come to in our suddenly overheated real estate market – in 2014, $2 million was what some lucky buyer paid for 2709 Laurel Avenue in the Tree section.

And what did they get for that princely sum?  A remodeled 3-bedroom, 1900 sqft home on a smallish 4325 sqft lot.

Apparently, the local housing market has traveled a long way from boom to bust and now to overdrive.

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